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Hi, I'm Dr. Todd Cohen


There's No Place like the LIHRC

LIHRC is more than just a physical center. It is about the care administered by Dr. Cohen and his team. Dr. Cohen tries to give each and every patient individual attention. LIHRC is there for your problems, from annoying palpitations, to disturbing atrial fibrillation, to life threatening ventricular tachycardia. He brings his years of EP experience as the leader of the programs at North Shore University Hospital (now Northwell) and Winthrop Hospital (now NYU Winthrop) directly to you at a convenient setting in Old Westbury (on the campus of NYITCOM), New York. His work is based on scientific data as well as clinical experience.

Over 26 Years of EP Experience

Dr. Cohen brings his more than 2 decades of EP leadership experience to a network of practices on Long Island. He has helped thousands and thousands of patients with difficult to treat heart rhythm problems. He has extensive experience with every type of heart rhythm abnormality and is dedicated to helping his patients find the best treatment. These treatments range from medications, to implantable devices, and even curative cardiac catheter ablation.  He also has a vast experience with the implantable/injectable loop recorder as well as the diagnosis and treatment of syncope (loss of conciousness) of unknown etiology . He takes pride in trying to get the best outcome for each and every patient.

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