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TeleMedstudent™ was developed to advance medical education at a time when it is difficult for medical students to physically interact with patients and their supervising physicians. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many physicians were forced to provide telehealth services in order to safely administer medical care to patients at risk for COVID-19 infection or other complications. TeleMedstudent™, which integrates two separate telecommunications systems, was created to allow a physician, patient, and medical student to participate in a private, secure and HIPAA compliant encounter, with the permission of the patient. Until TeleMedstudent™ was developed, third and fourth year medical students were relegated to online learning and clinical rotation modules because in-person clinical rotations were typically cancelled. With TeleMedstudent™, medical students can observe and participate in virtual patient interactions, where they can be engaged in the encounter and gain valuable clinical knowledge necessary to become competent doctors.

"TeleMedstudent™ effectively solves the problem of medical students' lack of exposure to patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. While complete physical exams are not possible, TeleMedstudent™ allows me to continue my elective and participate in Dr. Cohen's telehealth clinic remotely (all with the permission of the patient)."

- testimonial from NYITCOM 4th year medical student


Healthcare providers who utilize TeleMedstudent™ are required to certify that they are using HIPAA compliant video chat systems for both patient and medical student engagement. Please do not use this system without an active/authorized private and secure account. 

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Meet The Team

Zachary Coopee OMS III

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to serve as an academic scholar at NYITCOM and put my biomedical engineering and coding skills to work. I saw the need to get our medical students back on track and was able to make TeleMedstudent a reality.

Todd Cohen MD

I felt compelled to find a way for medical students to continue their education and clerkships during the COVID-19 pandemic. I created a method of dual video chat integration which traingulates communication between the physician, medical students, and the patient. I re-directed our engineering scholar and robotics team to help develop  the system.

Nicole Hunzeker


As a first year medical student at NYITCOM, I am enjoying working with Dr. Cohen's team and Zachary Coopee to help develop this novel remote medical student teaching platform. 

Robert Hubley


As a first-year medical student at NYITCOM, I am utilizing biomedical engineering and programming skills learned during my undergraduate education at the University of Virginia. I enjoy working with this unique team on fascinating and important research endeavors.



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