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Welcome to The TME Journal

Welcome to The TeleMedEd™ (TME) Journal. Telehealth was here before the pandemic. It is helping us get through the pandemic. And it will be here long after the pandemic, since we now realize how important telehealth is! It is now an essential part of medical education, and it is important to get medical students and physicians-in-training well educated in this modality. The TME Journal was created to help increase awareness of telehealth-related activity and content at NYITCOM and elsewhere.




Todd J. Cohen, MD

Founding Editor and Chief


Author Guidelines for The TME Journal:

- Authors must create original content.

- Authors must disclose conflicts of interest.

- Authors must avoid including any patient identification information.

- Authors are encouraged to include videos and/or images to accompany articles whenever possible.

- Authors must indicate whether any writing assistance (other than copy editing) was provided.


Authors must submit a Word/PDF version of the article via email to with subject line "TME Submissions". All images and/or videos should be sent separately in the same email.


If you have any questions, please send them via email to with subject line "TME Questions".

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